Do you have a favorite author that you would like to make sure is available to all readers at Crab Orchard Public Library?

You may “Adopt an Author” and sponsor the purchase of a book by your chosen author. 

To adopt, you will purchase the author’s book through the library at a discounted rate.  The library maintains a list of authors whose books are available for adoption.  If you see an author you would like to adopt on the list, just ask the library staff about adopting that author.

When you adopt an author, you have the privilege of being the first to check the book out of the library.  Your name will be placed inside the book on a special bookplate.

For one year, you will have the choice to adopt other books by the same author each time a new book by that author is released.  If you do not choose to adopt additional books by the same author, then that author may be adopted by another patron.

Proceeds from this program help the Crab Orchard Public Library District continue to provide its readers with popular authors, and help the library to fund its special projects and programs. 

If you would like to adopt an author, please contact the library director at